Mudug Agrolive Farm Somalia

Mudug Agrolive Farm

Established in 2012, Mudug Agrolive Farm “Agrolive” is an 18.75 hectare farm located in Galkayo, Puntland. Agrolive grows and sells a range of fresh fruits, vegetables and cereal crops to wholesale suppliers, market vendors, and other retail outlets. Despite the success of their operations, the farm only cultivates 43% (8.25 ha) of its total land, and relies on seasonal rainfall as the primary source for irrigating its crops.

In order to scale its operations and secure a more reliable water source, Agrolive sought investment to dig a 214m borehole and purchase a solar water pump. With Shuraako’s assistance, Agrolive acquired the necessary capital for locating and digging a well sufficient for maximizing production on current cultivated land.  With these improvements, the farm will be able to meet rising demand from consumers in the face of mounting drought concerns.

Mudug Agrolive Farm Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2012
Project Sector: Agriculture
Jobs Created: 8