Kaafi Horn Renewable Energy Company Somalia

Kaafi Horn Renewable Energy Company

Kaafi Horn Renewable Energy Company (“Kaafi”) was established in 2012 to provide solar-based products and services to commercial and government clients throughout Somaliland. Kaafi provides its customers with a core “systems” business including light systems, water pump systems, ventilation systems, hospital systems, rural electrification systems, etc.  Kaafi’s B.O.S.S. product was launched 2014 and offers basic solar electrification services such as phone charging, light rental and cooling and freezing services to underserved, rural communities while creating jobs in those communities by collaborating with locals active who are interested in running a solar-based business or offering solar-based services within their current business.

Kaafi sought an investment to fund the build-out of the successfully pilot-tested (and co-funded by a DAI grant) B.O.S.S. program. The Shuraako-facilitated investment enabled Kaafi to expand its rural solar electrification business infrastructure and purchase spare parts that are used to service active B.O.S.S. units in the field. The investment created 65 new jobs and increased access to solar products and services for many Somalis. 

Kaafi Horn Renewable Energy Company Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Medium
Year Founded: 2012
Project Sector: Renewable Energy
Jobs Created: 65